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Healing Your Hormones Naturally.

Have you been struggling with hormonal imbalance, painful break outs, irregular cycles, intense period symptoms, fertility issues and more? Our hormones are a huge puzzle piece to our health that most of us have simply forgotten, trying to treat the symptoms but never going for the root cause. The only way to free yourself from the vicious cycle is to take the power back and heal your hormones naturally. There is no magic pill or fix for regulating your hormones, it’s going to take a conscious and intentional effort from you each and every single day but it is worth it, I promise you!

Before I jump in to all of the tips and recommendations for you to read through I want to start off with a book suggestion because it completely opened my eyes to how our hormones function and how important they are for our well being! When I picked up Woman Code for the first time I was  desperate. I had just gone through our second miscarriage in one year, my hormones where out of whack, my skin was painful and embarrassing, and I felt totally out of control. I started researching about hormones and the book popped up in my suggested reads. Life changing is an understatement friends. Woman Code empowered me to dig deeper, live cleaner, and be more in control of my health & wellness in so many ways. It showed me how connected our hormones are to our overall health and how they were being effected by the way we were living every single day.

You see, our hormones are hugely impacted by out environment and the foods that we eat, so cleaning up your diet and your home is going to be a big part of this process.

Cleaning Up Your Home//

Ditching all of the harsh chemicals in your home like your cleaners, personal care products, air fresheners, and more for natural alternatives is a huge step in the right direction. Avoiding the chemicals in these products that disrupt our hormones and effect our endocrine system negatively will start the healing process and you’ll be able to detox all of that junk from your system leaving you with a clean slate to start this journey! I shared more about how we started that ditch & switch process in THIS post and our natural cleaning favorites HERE!

Once the harmful plug-in’s, perfumes, dryer sheets, and body lotions are gone and replaced with plant based goodness, food is your next area of focus. You want to be adding foods that are rich in nutrients and great for hormone health while reducing things like refined sugars. Drink plenty of water each day and say goodbye to all those sodas you’ve been downing cause girl, they are not helping things one bit, lets be honest!

Below is a list of my favorite hormone balancing eats to help you get started:

Hormone Balancing Foods//

  • clean proteins- soaked & sprouted nuts, quinoa, and hormone free chicken are my go-to’s.
  • healthy fats- grass fed ghee, coconut oil, avocado, and real butter are great options that you can add into everyday recipes and meals.
  • antioxidant rich vegetables- beets, carrots, sweet potatoes, and arugula are all incredible sources of hormone balancing goodness. If you’re not eating a plate of mostly veggies at every meal I encourage you to start! Your body needs them! I also love getting my antioxidants from Ninxia Red, Young Living’s supplement drink. It’s jam-packed with those guys and it’s been a part of my routine for years now, I swear by it!
  • healing spices- turmeric, garlic, and pink salt are some of my favorites.

As you start to slowly switch things out and research more, you’ll find a ton of swaps you can make in your kitchen that will make a huge impact on your health. These days we make most things from scratch, opt for unrefined and unbleached when we can, and avoid unnatural colors or preservatives and the change has been huge but adding more good things is always the key so if a major overhaul of your diet doesn’t appeal to you, i encourage you to start small.

Once your diet and your environment is more clean and healthy hormone friendly finding tools to heal you balance and maintain healthy hormones is going to be key! We want to keep our endocrine system – the system in our body that produces and secretes our hormones- as supported as possible and oils are an amazing way to do that! Finding a protocol that works for you may take a little time but with our team’s guidance you’ll have everything you need to choose oils that support you where you need it most. Here a list of just a few of our favorite hormone supporting oils:

Oils for Support//

  • Dragon Time
  • Sclaressence
  • Clary Sage
  • Progessence Plus
  • Bergamot

While you do all of this work you may be struggling with the symptoms of your imbalance and the in between can be so hard but do not give up friend! It will take months to rid your body of all of the toxins in your blood stream, heal your gut, and balance everything out so stick with it and have patience! I know it can be discouraging when we don’t see instant results but when it comes to hormones, it just doesn’t work like that! Stick with these lifestyle changes and the results will come!

I don’t want to leave you completely high and dry for those times when our hormones are raging and we need a temporary fix for those pesky breakouts that come with imbalance so i want to share a few tips & tricks with you but first…

How do you know if it’s a hormonal break out? Here are some signs:

Hormonal Acne Tips//

When your skin is suffering sometimes you need a fast solution you can really rely on.  Some of my favorite natural skin care fixes are made from ingredients found right in my kitchen or in my wellness cabinet! No fancy skincare systems or harsh chemicals needed! Did you know that raw honey is amazing for lightening scarring caused by blemishes? It’s also antibacterial so it helps fight the bacteria that cause breakouts and leaves your skin feeling so nourished!

Some of my other favorites?

  • Clay- great if you have overly oily skin! It helps remove some of the oil and dirt clogging your pores and even helps kill germs hanging around on your skin.
  • Activated  Charcoal- draws out impurities and detoxifies leaving your skin healthy and clean! I love Young Living’s new orange blossom charcoal bar currently, it smells so good and leaves my face feeling so clean!
  • Manuka Oil- My number one go-to for hormonal acne breakouts, this oil is anti-fungal, anti inflammatory, antibacterial, and so much more! Perfect for supporting our skin when we have red, inflamed breakouts.

Need a little extra help clearing up that skin? We also have a new OTC acne treatment made from all natural ingredients to help ya out sister!

Natural Period tips//

Once your hormones are more balanced and your environment is more clean, you’ll see a huge shift in the way you feel and you’ll have a bunch of tools in your tool belt to help you deal with flare ups and break outs along the way but I also wanted to talk periods with you! They will get better, more regular, less painful, and easier to deal with as you heal but with periods come discomfort, that’s a given! There are a few natural remedies that I swear by and I wanted to share them here with you!

  • turmeric latte- because turmeric contains curcumin it has amazing anti-inflammatory properties so it’s perfect for easing the discomfort of cramping during your moon cycle. I love to make a warm golden milk or a turmeric latte in the evenings to sip on. you can find an amazing recipe from Dr.Axe here!
  • rest- this one is a given, I know! but in the first few days of your period when you’re struggling the most with bloating & cramping it’s best to give yourself grace and practice extra self-care!
  • dragon time oil- this oil is amazing for supporting us during our cycles because it helps promote emotional balance while revealing cramping when applied topically! I roll it over my abdomen a few times a day and it helps a ton!
  • magnesium- this one is amazing for menstrual health! besides easing cramps, reducing stress levels, it may even help ease the symptoms of issues like PCOS and PMS. You can read more about magnesium and period health here!

I hope that this post encourages you to start digging deeper into your hormonal health and that you feel empowered to make lasting changes in your daily routine that will make a big impact on your overall wellness. If you are unsure if you have a hormonal imbalance i highly suggest reaching out to your health care provider and discussing it with them further! They will be able to run tests and give you real concrete answers and a place to start your journey towards healing. Then reach out to us and we can help tailor a natural and holistic daily regiment just for you!