How we “Ditched&Switched”!

So you’re looking into making the change. You’ve done your research on all those products under your sinks and in your cabinets and now you are feeling a little uneasy. I remember that moment where I realized that I couldn’t keep buying the same old same at the expense of my family and their wellness, so huge! Take a moment to give yourself a high- five because you’ve already conquered the hardest part of this journey: making the choice to change. From here on out committing to a healthy, natural lifestyle is as simple as pie! In our family, these little bottles support our sleep, hormones, emotions, immune systems, and more. They have replaced beauty products, chemical cleaners, and air fresheners! Little bottles with a big impact!

YL and our amazing community provide you with everything you need to make your transition to the oily side painless and uncomplicated. We share our favorite tips, tricks, recipes, and more in our online communities and monthly newsletters so that the oils in your kit seamlessly become a part of your every day routine. We teach classes and mentorships every single month so that you’re always getting the most out of your oils and you are always educated on the most safe and effective ways to use oils.

Once you fall in love with your kit you may be ready to say goodbye to some of the other nasty products you have sitting around the house. No worries, Young Living has you covered! YL isn’t just essential oils, they are a full lifestyle brand with products ranging from Makeup and Baby to Supplements and Nutrition. We are a one stop shop for pretty much everything you need except the clothes on your back!

I know it may seem a little intimidating to get rid of all of those toxic products littering your counters and cabinets. Where do you even start, right?! Well that’s where YL is going to help you out big time:

Essential Rewards // Young Living’s Monthly Wellness Box


Young Living’s automatic shipment program that delivers your favorite products to your door! Enjoy the convenience of an automatic monthly shipment! THIS takes one more thing off of your to-do list and makes it easy to slowly ditch & switch! YES PLEASE! Just set up your order and kick back while all of your favorite products are sent right to your doorstep, month after month! It’s FREE to join, you can cancel anytime, you get freebie oils, and you get 10% back right away then 20% back on everything just a few months after you join. Free oils? Points you can spend on free products? You heard that right! I don’t know about you but Target doesn’t give me free products every time I shop. One of my favorite parts about ER? You can edit your box every single month and add the products you and your family love and need, how awesome is that?! 

It has seriously never been easier to start your wellness journey!


Want to know more about Essential Rewards or how you can join? Contact me and we will get you all set up!

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