Oily Stations & Why They’re Important!


Keeping my oils out where i can see them and easily access them has been the key to making them a part of my everyday life. When they are out on the dresser or next to the diffuser I’m more likely to slow down when I pass by and drop something on my wrist or start the diffuser with my favorite blend. That’s why oily stations have become a huge part of our home and why i suggest them endlessly to people who want to start using oils more consistently.

With essential oils, consistency is key. You want the oils to be a part of you wellness routine. something you do regularly and build routines around. You see, so much of the power in essential oils centers around using them daily, rather than just grabbing one out of the blue to “throw at something”. Think proactive, not reactive.

Creating oily stations around you home makes grabbing your oils so much more convenient and takes the “overwhelming” factor of oils away. You’ll start to feel more comfortable with your oil collection and how you can put them to good use all around your house when you’re using them every single day!

A few tips for creating an oily station of your own:
+ Find a wall, or shelf or nook in your main living area where you can display your oils! Out of sight, out of mind – so best to set your oils up where you do most of your living.

+ Keep a basket, drawer or container with the following right next to your oils: empty rollers, empty spray bottles, witch hazel, carrier oil (v-6 or fractionated coconut oil to name my two favorites). If all of that is right within reach of your oils, you’ll be more inclined to make rollers and sprays and get using and sharing those oils!

+ Keep inventory/a blank sheet of paper nearby. I mark down what I am running low on and wish list items here, for when it comes time to place my monthly order(s)!

+ Think outside of the box using things you might already have! I used a cake stand for my diffuser, a jewelry dish for my empty rollers, a lipstick holder for my favorite go-to rollers – get creative and have fun!

+ Keep a carafe of water handy! Rather than carry my diffusers to the sink several times a day, I fill up a carafe of water to fill all of my diffusers up at the same time.

+ Last tip – don’t forget to make mini stations! So for example:
I have our homeschool time oils near our homeschooling area so we have our focus rollers and favorite oils to diffuse handy!

I have the kid’s bedtime oils in little stations in each bedroom so when we tuck them into bed their diffusers can be easily filled and their sprays and rollers are within reach.

I have vitality oils and some of my favorite go-to blends near the kitchen for easy access.

And lastly, we have oils that I know that we will want & need on the go, already in an oils pouch in my purse.

When you’re at thrift stores keep your eyes out for shadow boxes and typeset drawers, they make great hanging wall storage. Spice organizers make really simple and cute oily storage for the top of dressers or in cabinets. Vintage lipstick holders make really pretty roller bottle holders too! I keep my eye out for affordable storage solutions at our local stores but etsy is also a great place to search for oil storage ideas!

i hope this gives you some great oily station ideas and that it inspires you to pull your oils out and put them where you can see um!

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